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The Media and Rotten Fruit

2012 November 1
by robertnew

We’ve heard Vice President Biden make the claim that “Osama Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive” in tv ads and stump speeches. But while Bin Laden may be dead, Al Qaeda is alive, maybe even more so than GM given the automaker’s latest financials.

Daily new information is coming out on the attacks on our consulate in Benghazi and the death of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans. We now know that pleas for additional security were ignored, that administration officials knew from the outset that a video on YouTube was in no way responsible for the attack, and that support from several other sources could have been there within a short time but was withheld.

Richard Nixon was run out of office because of a cover up of a botched break in. President Obama is getting a pass by the media on Fast and Furious with dead border agents and over 300 murdered Mexican men, women, and children. When the Congressional investigation started getting too close, he claimed executive privilege and sealed the records.

Now the administration is giving us ever changing stories on an attack in which our ambassador was tortured and murdered along with 3 other Americans. We deserve better from our elected officials but the real people here who are failing at their jobs is the media. Is it any wonder the broadcast news networks and papers have zero credibility anymore? Where are the old school investigative journalists? Remember the day when people joked about it being a bad day when you found Mike Wallace and a 60 Minutes crew waiting at your office?

Now we have the president making appearances on The View or Comedy Central instead of taking questions at press conferences. We have pseudo-Journalists like Chris Matthews saying the president gives him a “thrill up his leg” when he speaks.

I know we hear a lot about media bias and people will argue that from both sides, but we are known by our fruits and their fruit seems to be rotting on the tree.

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