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No Re-Gifting This Christmas Gift

2012 March 21
by robertnew


Stephanie working on my arm

My son gave me a Christmas gift this year that is not only something I’ve wanted since my college days, but something I will carry with me the rest of my life. Christmas he brought me, amidst much fanfare, an envelope. I opened it gingerly, with him you can never tell, and found inside a gift certificate to Lucky Lady Tattoos in Richmond, Ky.

There is a history to this gift though. When he was about 15 he started wanting a tattoo, probably because every music group he listened to sported them. He used to inform us, “As soon as I’m old enough I’m getting full sleeve tattoos on both arms.”

“When you get old enough,” I would say, “I’ll go with you and get one.”

But I was never too worried because Josh hated needles. When we went to Honduras I thought we would have to strap him down to get his shots.

So I kept this gift certificate until a few weeks ago, not doubting I would use it, but I was waiting on a time when I knew I what I wanted to get and when he was off work and could go share the experience with me. One Saturday in February I called them and they finally had an opening, Josh was off work, and I had printed out what I wanted from the internet. So off we went.

I’ve always heard people say when you get a tattoo you will want another one. I can vouch for that. After about 5 weeks, I’ve already started looking for what I want to get next.

I’m not sure how many people my age get a tattoo for the first time, especially given as a Christmas gift from their kids, but we had a great time. My daughter and her fiancé actually showed up to watch for a while. It turned into a family outing!

If you live in central Kentucky and want a tattoo, I would recommend Lucky Lady. The experience was great, they were friendly, and yes I will be a repeat customer. So thank you to Stephanie for a great job and great experience and to Josh for a gift I love and will have as long as I live!


Finished product

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