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America’s Curmudgeon

2011 November 6
by robertnew

This past week America lost an icon. CBS 60 Minutes commentator Andy Rooney passed away at 92. A lot will be written about his life, his long career, the many lives he influenced and touched. I heard him described as America’s curmudgeon, I thought that was a great description.

I may have disagreed with Andy Rooney’s politics, but I did love his way with a commentary. Rooney had a way with words and an impeccable timing with his delivery. Andy Rooney carried that timing over into his final days, dying only a month after his final commentary.

When I go, that is how I want it to be, I want to be doing what I love right up until the time God says enough. Can we really ask for much more than that? Rest In Peace Andy Rooney, you will be missed.

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